Exp Asset - getting in while it's still early

 Why important to sign up to sign up early? You placement in the tree/matrix is set when you register. You can decide whether to put money into the platform later (after doing your research)

The site is Exp Asset http://panel.expasset.com/register/bottom/1637

There are several ways to make money in this site.

  1. Traditional investing - earn 1% (on average) per day for 5 business days a week until 120% (principle is part of the payments) This works out to about 20% over 6 calendar months. This money is generated (in theory) by forex trading. $100 minimum and can be funded by bitcoin or litecoin.
  2. Referrals / Affiliate - when people sign up under you they fill out a binary tree. This is a little complicated, but as far as I understand you want to work on your top level as the bottom level will get filled by spillover (referals from above you). In the 5 hours after signing up, I have 50+ people on the bottom side of my tree and I haven't done anything yet (all from upline).
  3. Matrix - when people sign up from you and upline spillover, this fills up a 3x3 matrix structure where you earn some commission based on the matrix package purchased. The cheapest one starts at $25 and you break even at 20 members.
  4. If you buy into the highest 3 matrix package, there is a mining option (not enabled yet, so probably hold off to purchase for now).

There are more features on the platform, including some education materials when investing higher amounts (no clue what the quality of those are). I think this platform can have have potential with just a little bit of initial capital to get started. It seems way safer than any 10% per day type scam sites.

Matrix Products

Are the Future.

Our passion are crypto currencies and their role in  changing world. We believe they will become money of the 21st century. 

What we offer? 

Members of our team are individuals experienced in financial markets and trading. That is why we do our best to build on innovative solutions

better knowledge 

Definition of terms, presentation of financial markets, available instruments and more. You gain knowledge on 3 levels: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. 

In-sidebar to control

A useful tool which you can use to locate an the inside bar information on the MT4 platform

Lifetime service

M25, M75 and M125 Matrixes are permanent. You can use the products as long as you want! 

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The members of our team collaborate with individuals experienced in the optimization of crypto-currency acquisition processes. That is why we do our best to build on innovative solutions.



 We are a team of professional managers, traders and analysts dealing with capital markets, crypto currencies, alternative investments and with educational activity in the above-mentioned fields. make money online affiliate program how to make money online

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