DasCoin Future Of Wealth


An Ecosystem of Digital Value

A private, permissioned blockchain architecture has been incorporated due to its enhanced security, inherent efficiency and ability
​ to scale more easily. NetLeaders builds on this foundation by authenticating all of the users in accordance with banking-standard KYC (Know Your Client) requirements and incorporating powerful marketing system into the overall value proposition. The result is network that is capable of world-class performance and that is also poised for rapid global adoption by the mass market. 

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NetLeaders Licenses
There are five NetLeaders software licenses to choose from and each has unique elements. Each license includes authentication services, a digital wallet and an amount of capacity within the DasNet platform (measured in Cycles). Payment methods for NetLeaders software licenses include wire transfer, Bitcoin transfer, or NetLeaders gift code. cryptocurrency dascoin

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A Powerful Way to Expand the Network

To achieve the goal expanding the network, a referral-based marketing system has been built into the network’s
software that is designed to award each participant contribution commensurate with their individual impact on the growth of the network. Consequently, rather than use resources to cover the costs of proof-of-work mining, this network is able to
​incentivize its participants to expand the network. 

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